RUMM Licencing

A new licencing structure was introduced to coincide
  with the release of RUMM2030 on 1 January 2010.

A restructuring of this licence setup became effective from March 2012.

Licencing Structure

i.        pay $800* for a new Standard Edition RUMM2030 licence.


i.        pay $1, 200* for new Professional Edition RUMM2030.

       * For Australian-based purchases ADD 10% GST to the licence cost [prices in $AUD].
* For INTERNATIONAL purchases [outside Australia] prices in $US (US dollars).


   RUMM2030 was released on 1 January 2010.

   RUMM2030 is a major rewrite of the RUMM program and, in the case of the Professional Edition, contains a number of new strategies and routines for improving the quality of item analyses well beyond the facilities currently offered, both in RUMM2020 and other programs offering Rasch analysis.  In addition, a number of maintenance activities have been undertaken, since the release of RUMM2020 in the year 2003, to improve the quality of the presentation and the estimation algorithms.

   The RUMM2030 licence package provides, free of charge, a series of Interpreting RUMM2030 monographs containing detailed instruction material on how to conduct item analyses using RUMM2030 together with in depth coverage of the different fit statistics and estimation algorithms involved [at present there are seven monographs available - only two available for the Standard edition].

   The purchase of a RUMM licence does NOT provide instruction in Rasch analysis techniques or on how to use the RUMM program for conducting an item analysis.  There are dedicated courses and workshops available both as internet-based and as designated presentations at locations world-wide.

   The former version, RUMM2020, is no longer supported.